A Seat at our table

Curious about our cookbook, A Seat at Our Table. It’s one reward available in our Kickstarter campaign.

What recipes will you find in A Seat at Our Kitchen Table?

Cookbook Cover. On a wooden table with a lighter wooden cutting board. The title says A Seat at Our Kitchen Table. There is also a spatula, wooden spoon, and whisk underneath a butcher knife. In the bottom right corner of the cookbook is a yellow tag with the words Owners of and the logo for Code 1 BBQ. At the very top of the book cover is the tagine From the Kitchen to the Backyard. Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for dinner and events.

What you won’t find:

As much as everyone wants to know all our secrets to our Code 1 recipes, we admit you won’t find those here.

What you will find:

Tips and recipes for everyday cooking, smoking meat, cooking over the open fire and in your kitchen, and meals everyone in the family will enjoy when no one eats the same thing.

With these pages, you’ll get a seat at our dinner table where we cook from the heart. It’s eclectic and unique. We’ve honed our recipes over years of practice, failures, terrible tastings, and finally getting them right.

Everything’s made from scratch yet simple with easy to find ingredients. Lots of substitutes for just about anything. From making dishes vegan and allergy friendly to making them full of gluten and dairy and meat! From using fresh ingredients and prepping yourself to buying the stuff already prepped, because who has time for that?

You’ll learn how to slow smoke a brisket and pork butt and why it’s important to let them rest. You’ll learn how to cook over the open fire in your backyard (or over your charcoal grill).

You’ll get back to nature by using simple wholesome ingredients that leave your food tasting amazing–You won’t miss out on all the fancy stuff no one has in their cabinets anyway–and learn what and how to prep in advance. There’s an inventory list for pantry and shelf stable items that are necessary for any home cook and a storage time table so you know when things go bad.

This all in one place and so much more…

Recipes include:


  • Taco Tuesday’s with easy homemade refried beans and all the gut friendly fixings to go with it. No more buying pre-made packages for tacos. Side note: we hardly ever eat tacos on Tuesdays!
  • Salad Bar Sunday is a great late lunch early dinner that satisfies everyone. One of my besties, Kelli Webber, gave me this idea and it’s been a family hit ever since. Even with the littles who hate salad and veggies.
  • Sean’s amazing grilling skills in time for the end of summer and fall festivities.
  • Grinding your own meat for burgers.
  • Shrimp, Salmon, and other seafood dishes.
  • A dairy free, gluten friendly, Thanksgiving dinner everyone you know will love with homemade cranberry sauce.
  • Root vegetables, potatoes, sides and more.       

 What’s better than just a cookbook?

A virtual live demonstration from Pit Master Sean and a cookbook. Watch how he butchers, seasons, and slow cooks on Bumblebee, our custom-made Humphrey’s cabinet smoker.

You can find this and other rewards on our kickstarter page.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. We’ve said it a dozen times, but it always bears repeating we appreciate you!!! Code 1 BBQ would not be a successful family-owned business without our customers and supporters.

Don’t forget our tasting event is Sunday July 10th from 1-5PM. Please register here so we know how much food to bring.

Keep an eye out for baskets, menu, and more info.

Thank you from our family to yours.

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