All or Nothing…What we’ve learned from our kickstarter

Hello Monday,

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to get in here and update everyone. I definitely heard and read that running a kickstarter takes a lot of time and yup are they right!  It takes a lot of heart and grit and disappointment too. 

We knew going in that what we were asking for was a reach. And with 9 days left we are no where near our goal. But it doesn’t mean that this hasn’t been successful.   As our first kickstarter, we expected a learning curve and lots of bumps in the road. We got some great support from all of you and so many others. We had around 125 people at our local open house and raised some funds to help support us. We have some new ideas, lots of new customers, and our brand is getting recognized everywhere we go now. 

That’s amazing! And it’s all thanks to community support, engagement, encouragement, and well…buying our food! 

The kickstarter isn’t over yet. This is an all or nothing campaign. Which means if we don’t reach our goal we won’t get anything from any one. But the fact that you all supported us right from the start means more than any amount of money every could.

Yes the money will help us move forward faster, but we aren’t going anywhere. We are still growing and we will reach our goals along the way.

We will have a good truck with a trailer and we will have a brick and mortar place of our own one day. 

Whether we reach this kickstarter or not, we are determined and ready to establish Code 1 BBQ in our communities.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Erica and Sean 

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