Busier by the day

I didn’t have a chance to update anyone all weekend. We spent the entire time in the kitchen doing the job of half a restaurant staff alone. It was our biggest weekend yet.

Then I logged into my office role and learned how well we did last month. And it’ll only get better.

Joining the Hungry team has changed the game for us. https://tryhungry.com/chef/code_1

We are getting amazing reviews and our company revenue grew by 300%

We only see it growing more.

With your help we can hire some staff and get a box truck to help us get around and deliver food. With our own imaginations and hard work we’ll turn the box truck into a food truck we can bring to events.

We also need a bigger smoker. In fact, we’re working on getting this one with the kickstarter campaign from Humphrey’s Smokers. They are a family owned business based out of Maine. All their smokers are hand-made with American Steel.

A picture of a Humphrey's Smoker Double Wide, black with a cast iron look, with two doors at the top where the meat goes and one fire door at the bottom. It is on casters so it can move around.
A Humphrey’s Smoker Double Wide with two doors.

We are going strong and with a beast like this we won’t have to turn away orders. We are looking forward to the event on Sunday July 10th. Don’t forget to register here and give us an idea of how much food to cook. We’ll be at the farmers market on July 17th in Wilmington Ma. Come see us there too.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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