Code 1 BBQ Ordering Guide

When you are dying for some Code 1 BBQ but you don’t know how to get it. That’s a dilemma. Not just for you but for us too! And we don’t like unsolved dilemmas.

Code 1 BBQ is a true “mom and pop” shop. A husband and wife team who wears all the hats from cooker and chef to management and development. We want to make it easy for you to get our eclectic style of slow-cooked BBQ and New England inspired sides.

Dilemma Shilemma. We’ve got a solution. Here’s how it works.

Check out our “How to guide for ordering Code 1 BBQ” from Erica (one half of the team).

  1. First decide you can no longer live without code 1 bbq in your life. You’ve heard the buzz, maybe you’ve even got to try it. Either way you cannot wait any longer. You need code 1 bbq. And Code 1 BBQ needs you.
  2. Head to or
  3. Hit that order dinner button.
  4. Yay! You did it. Weekend specials are available for selection. Orders required 48 hrs advance for weekend specials. Pick up or Delivery Locally
  5. We will confirm your order prior to dinner day.

And, we’ve got answers to your frequently asked questions. Finally! What took us so long. Oh yeah…too many hats.


  • Are you available for last minute take out?
    • No. Unless we have posted same day availability, then we cannot provide same day orders.
  • Why can’t you provide same day orders?
    • All of our meat is slow cooked in a kitchen 6-14 hours in advance. In order to prepare dinners we need advanced notice.
  • Where are you located?
    • Our kitchen is at 218 W. Cummings Park Woburn, MA 01801
  • How can I get in touch with you?
    • 978-248-8185
  • Can I pick up at the Kitchen?
    • Yes. As long as we provided a pick up time, you can pick up.
  • Do you have a restaurant or offer dining, sit down service, or full service takeout?
    • Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a restaurant where you can sit and enjoy our food. However, it is in the plan for the future so keep an eye out for updates about that.
  • What does it mean “just have a kitchen?”
    • To adhere to the strictest safety standards and serve great food, Code 1 BBQ rents a commercial kitchen space to store, prep, and cook all of our amazingly tasty smoked meats and sides. This is a shared kitchen space with other food services, chefs, and caterers. This kitchen space doesn’t have a store front or restaurant option.
  • Are you just a caterer?
    • No. While we are not open most weekdays for orders right now, we do have preorder dinners available for the weekends. Orders need to be received 48-72 hrs in advance and are first come first serve.
  • How can I get dinner?
    • Dinner is available weekends. We have weekend packages and no per person minimum. Orders need to be received 48-72 hrs in advance and are first come first serve.
  • Do you offer pick up or delivery?
    • Both! We offer free delivery to Wilmington only. $5 for surrounding cities.
  • What if I need a caterer?
    • You’re in luck! We do that too. Call us to see if we are available for your date and what we can provide. You can check out the menu, too.
  • Are you a full service caterer?
    • At this time we are not a full service caterer. We don’t have equipment rentals and service staff to serve food. We can provide all the disposable items needed for serving food at your party and keeping food safe if requested as part of your package (i.e. Single use sternos, disposable plates, forks, napkins etc).

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