Oh Hi! We are excited to offer our first Beyond the Smoke BBQ class Sunday July 23rd. 

In this class, Pitmaster Sean will guide you through the basics of choosing, trimming, seasoning, and smoking a brisket. He’ll give you tips and tricks related to your smoker and talk about choosing a smoker if you don’t already have one. 

At the completion of each class students leave with a congratulatory certificate that allows you access to future more advanced class, a t-shirt, a whole Brisket to take home and smoke using guided instructions for your individual smoker along with everything you learn, and a few chunks of post oak to get you started. 

This class starts at 7 am and will last about 6 hours. 

Get ready for a smoking good time! 

Beyond the Smoke – Back Yard BBQ Basics – Code 1 BBQ – Sign up here