Kickstarter Update Twenty backers and Twenty days remain

Thank you to our Kickstarter backers! 20 People have signed on to support us with 20 Days left. Check out your name on our virtual wall. We appreciate every bit and can’t wait to fulfill your rewards.

Shawn Garland, Kristin Smith, Fred Fawcett, Barbara Alevras, Chris & Nanette Marchant, Rodney Brown, Alyssa Bak, Michael & Mary Marchant

Check out our virtual wall!

Thank you for being a part of our journey to build a future local gem.

With all your help we will purchase a larger Double Wide and a box truck to travel to event sites. We’ll also have pop ups in town and other locations. Check out this amazing smoker from Humphry’s Smokers in Maine.

A large cabinet smoker in black with two doors on the top for the meat and one door on the bottom for the charcoal and wood. It is called a double wide.

Will you be there July 10th at the Tewksbury Knights of Columbus? Let us know your coming by registering here:

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