Opening 2 PM today Saturday 2/11/2023

Good morning #code1bbqwarriors.

Late opening today. 2 pm!

We’ve had a wild time since getting Jolene. We got serenaded, we’ve shown her to dozens of people, and she’s been smoking meat non-stop. As has our pitmaster.

Yesterday, we got absolutely crushed, sold out of everything, survived the chaos while short-staffed, and managed to get in some laughs.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some staff out sick again today and only one Chef in the kitchen. Therefore, we are going to open a few hours late.

We know you hate it when our hours are inconsistent and we hate to open late, but we want to make sure we’ve got plenty of options for our patrons.

And we are hiring! Send all the people our way.

Open today at 2 pm! Spread the word

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