Ordering Online, Meat Subscriptions, Holiday Updates, and More.

Online ordering is easier than ever. Pickup dinners or trays Wednesday through Saturday from 4 pm – 6 pm.

Order 1 day in advance for pick up the next day. For same day orders, please give us a call to check availability 978-248-8185. You can also schedule orders, day pick up is available, , including turkey dinner for the week of Thanksgiving.

It’s easy. Go to our website at Code1BBQ.com.
Select Order Now. Choose your food and your date.

Our menu will automatically select the next available date for you,
but you can also schedule for a later date.

If you’ve already started an order, you can select a date before you pay.
Just choose edit on the cart page and pick your date.

Order and pick up! We will confirm all the details.

Speaking of ordering, did some one say turkey? Smoked turkey dinners are available in November. Pick up in advance of Thanksgiving. Let us cater your office party or your friendsgiving/familygiving. Just need sides, we can do that too. Per person option.

Due to the turkey demand, there is no minimum order on pick up orders for turkey.
Call now for large orders and catering.

No minimum for pickup!

Can’t get enough of our gluten, dairy, and soy free smoked meats? Ask about our meat subscriptions. We have weekly and monthly meat options as well as individual dinners on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Call or email us to find out more.

Now Book Holiday Parties 2022 and 2023 Events.

New Years

It’s never too early to book!

5 % off


when paid in full

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